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About AIM

Over the past decade, AI has changed our lives, and it will change our lives much more in the years to come – it is widely considered the most important technology for the coming decades. AI is first and foremost a multidisciplinary technology that brings together scientists from a wide range of research fields, from behavioral sciences and ethics to mathematics and computer science. With a clear vision of how mathematics can contribute to AI, AIM wants to enable mathematicians to engage in the conversation with research partners from other fields of science.  

Areas of mathematics such as games theory, graph theory and statistics play an important role in AI: mathematics often provides the basis for the design, analysis and application of AI methods. Mathematics increases the reliability of algorithms, exposes dependencies and causal relationships in networks, and provides techniques that ensure predictions of neural networks are consistent with physical background knowledge. Mathematics can provide the foundation for a deeper understanding of successful AI methods in image and speech recognition.

The aim of AIM

You can find the AIM pamflet here.


AIM aims to bring attention to the importance of mathematical contributions in the field of AI, where mathematics is still insufficiently visible. The goal of the AI and Mathematics network is to intensify mathematical research in the field of AI, initially by showing that there is already a group of strong researchers working on this topic and expanding this network.

Collaborations within Math and AI disciplines

AIM aims to demonstrate that the mathematics community is more than open to collaboration with other disciplines. AIM will host workshops and events to bring together not only mathematicians but also researchers from other disciplines to collaborate both locally and nationally in specific application areas.


Based on common interests and the strongest existing competencies, funding will be targeted in multidisciplinary consortia. In addition, mathematicians will contribute to decision making in the area of AI research funding where possible and relevant. AIM will facilitate the discussion of possible funding opportunities.

Together we are AIM

Meet the people behind the AIM organisation:

Christoph Brune


University of Twente

Leo van Iersel


TU Delft

Tristan van Leeuwen


CWI/Utrecht University 

Tim van Erven


University of Amsterdam

Olivia Muthsam



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