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Over the past decade, AI has changed our lives, and it will change our lives much more in the years to come – it is widely considered the most important technology for the coming decades. AI is first and foremost a multidisciplinary technology that brings together scientists from a wide range of research fields, from behavioral sciences and ethics to mathematics and computer science. With a clear vision of how mathematics can contribute to AI, AIM wants to enable mathematicians to engage in the conversation with research partners from other fields of science.

The AIM network unites Dutch research groups doing research on AI in which mathematics play a major role. We are proud that representatives from all universities and clusters support this initiative.

The AIM network

AIM wants to create a network to connect people and also to become visible in other disciplines. That is why AIM participates in various events and also organizes workshops itself. Here you can find a collection of impressions from the different AIM events.

Together we are AIM

Meet the people behind the AIM organisation:

Christoph Brune


University of Twente

Leo van Iersel


TU Delft

Tristan van Leeuwen


CWI/Utrecht University 

Tim van Erven


University of Amsterdam 

Olivia Muthsam



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