1st workshop on AI and Mathematics – Connecting the Mathematics Clusters

June 9-10, the first workshop of AIM took place at the CWI, co-organised by representatives of all 4 mathematics clusters and NWO. The aim of the workshop was to bring together researchers in the field of mathematical AI and to highlight mathematics as a key technology in AI research. More than 100 interested scientists participated in this fun workshop with interesting lectures, a strategy session and a nice dinner.

Below, you can find the program with the speakers and some impressions of the workshop. Thanks to Minnie Middelberg, CWI, for taking the pictures!

AIM chair Christoph Brune

Marten van Dijk

Ronald de Wolf

Questions from the audience

Antonios Antoniadis

Steven Kelk and Antonios Antoniadis

Coffee break

Evgeny Verbitskiy and Peter Grünwald

Peter Grünwald


Tim van Erven

Bert Zwart

Lunch break


Pepijn Roos Hoefgeest

Christoph Brune and Bram Mesland

Bram Mesland

Gitta Kutyniok

Remco Duits

Drinks & poster session

Workshop dinner

Workshop dinner

Day 2

Etienne de Klerk

Ilker Birbil

Jaron Sanders

Rianne de Heide

Arnoud den Boer

Ieke Moerdijk

Felix Lucka

Palina Salanevich

Marcello Carioni

Questions from audience

Inald Lagendijk (AiNed)

Mengwu Guo

Start strategic session

Strategic session group 1

Strategic session group 2

Strategic session group 3

Strategic session group 4

AIM team